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These are the top social media trends. You can get additional data by:

- Install the free Google Chrome Extension - for getting trends as you browse.

- Pay for a PRO license, to get live analytics.

- Get a BIZ license, for segmented advertising

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How much would you pay to know the future trends on social media?

Well, TagPredict is giving it for free

TagPredict Chrome Extension helps you focus on your Social Media marketing effort and improve your SMM/SMO results. It will plot you live updates, on the go, of all global social media trends while you browse them. Regardless of which website or social network you are on now - TagPredict will analyze the global web trends and social media trends and draw them for you on the fly. Download now from the Google Webstore - it is free to use - no catches, one step registration!

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Smart analytics of global social media trends

TagPredict is providing a smart solution for analyzing global social media trends and internet trends. Our powerful technology and algorithms are more than just another search engine or data mining service: we analyze and categorize real time global internet data and feed it back to your internet browser as you surf the internet. Regardless of which web site you are on, or what social media site you are using - TagPredict would tell you in real time what are the current trends of popularity, engagement and success for any virtual object you mouse over on.

Powerful Technology

Live social media analytics on demand

Cross Platform

TagPredict is a cross platform technology, our global social media trends analytics is provided for all type of devices, computers and browsers

Global Analytics

TagPredict is providing data on global social trends. It means that not only your website is probed, but all interational websites, social networks and news networks are included

Real time trends

Once you install the TagPredict app, you will get the global hashtags trends to your browser screen, in real time, and on demand

How it works

1 step installation

Hashtags will automatically be marked on your screen. Mouse over to browse hashtags trends.
When you click the TagPredict button, you get the global top social media trends of hashtags.
Enter the "settings" tab to stop TagPredict, or to change the marker color (green, in this example).
TagPredict is crawling to all websites, including Google Results, or your own website (try it!)
Visit to for software updates, or to browse global social media trends

TagPredict PRO

Social media trends dashboard

Full hashtags real time search, over hundreds of thousands of hashtags, is given to TagPredict PRO users:
When you click the search results, you get full trends analytics as well as list of URL where the hashtag appeared, top domains, and rating

TagPredict BIZ

Advertise directly to hashtags users

With TagPredict PRO you can run advertisments to up to 10 hashtags, to your choice. This is a most effective way to advertise to the exact content pages which are interesting for you:
The TagPredict BIZ advert manager allows you full real time analytics - of where your advert appeared, which people saw it, on which domains and how many of them clicked it:


  • TagPredict Extension
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    • Lifetime license for $67FREE
    • Hashtags highlighter
    • Live hashtags analytics
    • Growth and Rating data
    • Top 4 websites using it
  • TagPredict Biz
  • $365/year

    Full analytics + manage adverts!
    • Extension license included
    • TagPredict Pro included
    • Online Ads Manager
    • Advertise to 10 hashtags, to your choice
    • Advertisements analytics reports


Smart information intelligence

Data Mining


TagPredict is crawling and indexing billions of web pages, websites, newsites and blogs.

Data Analysis


Indexing and categorizing or random information into sensible searchable trends data center



Building of online dashboards with live data feed based on powerful data mining and smart information intellgigence

Market Research


Intelligent forecasts of market trends based on real time social network data mining and analysis

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