If you see #these #hashtags #highlighted like #this one, then hashlighter is properly installed on your Chrome!

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Q: where is my activation code?
A: if you are paid, you don't need an activation code, just log-in and Hashlighter will run.

Q: can I have re-activation master password?
A: yes. Goto Settings and click "show" beside your password:

Q: I lost my Facebook account, how can I login?
A: you can use your Facebook account to login, or the master password above. Use the Email you used to register as username.

Getting started

Step 1: pay

After payment, you will redirected to hashlighter.com website, and your account is opened automatically - no need of any activation code. You will see your Facebook name and the expiration day of the software:

Step 2: login

Click the extension button in the top right corner. You are supposed to be automatically logged in, but if not - click login again:

Step 3: scrape

go on your Instagram account timeline, and press the Hashlighter "START" button. Note that hashlighter is turned off by default:

The automatic pilot should start scraping hashtags from your followers posts:

Step 4: save to file

Click "Save" to export results to a file:

Step 5: copy to clipboard

Click "copy" to copy results to the clipboard:

Advanced users

Turn off automatic pilot

You can turn off automatic pilot and scrape in the background, as you browse. Click "as I browse"

Focus on Top 40 hashtags

Instead of scraping everything, you can take only the top 40 hashtags at a time. This is like a competition between the hashtags, they change as you scrape, will give you the best focused results

Accounts / Followers scraping

Goto "Settings" and change the mode from "#" to "@". This wil scrape followers and not hashtags!

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